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Ken Watson of LifeSong - With Friends
Supporting Science Standards With a Smile

Ken Watson's presentations are a blend of Ocean Science, music, slides and incredible artifacts all delivered with a smile and a true passion for the topic. Choose from a range 50-minute lessons that delve into exciting aspects of marine life, or an all day Super Science event, or even an all-week workshop.

Super Science Day delivers an ocean science base, reinforced with art activities - a real "right brain - left brain" experience. Not only do the children internalize ocean science, but they also carry away projects to reinforce the concepts learned.

Ken's Ocean Week workshop features material from all of his lessons, culminating with Family Ocean Night and a look back at a week of ocean science and fun.

Ken also paints ocean murals with children. The murals are "children driven" - a coordinate geometry lesson disguised as creative ocean graphity. You pick the ocean theme. The children will measure, graph, label and draw the mural to scale on a handball backboard, wall or obscure piece of playground. You provide the canvas - Ken provides the painting. Click on the Murals link to see some of his murals.

Ken has written over a hundred songs and poems to teach ocean science with a fine arts twist. You can find some of his work featured below.

Poetry Under the Sea Poetry Under the Sea
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
A collection of original ocean poems and lyrics about the lives of our favorite ocean animals. This book is illustrated to bring even more life to the rhythmic rhyme, facts, concepts, and poignant messages contained within. Music to go with the Poetry Under the Sea book. A collection of original ocean poems and lyrics about the lives of our favorite ocean animals.
Giants in the Tidepools CD Ocean Nation Adaptation CD
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
Music to go with the Giants in the Tidepools presentation. This CD includes the following splish-splash tracks: Stuck on You * Jaws Take a Bow * Seastar * Waterbeaks * Strongelo Centratus Purpuratus * Sea Lion Hotel * Whales Tail * Univalves and Bivalves * Flat Fish Flop * Giants in the Tidepools * Paint Me a Picture Music to go with Ken's Ocean Nation Adaptation presentation. Includes such memorable sing-a-longs as: Raft of Otters * Babies of the Sea * See in the Sea * Cycles * Boat Chanty * Heave Ho * Water Magnet * Condo Crab * Ocean Nation Adaptation * Indigenous Cartiligenous * Manatee Music
Science in the Music Energy "From Then Til' Now" Choral Reading/Musical
Price: $15.00
Price (CD and Libretto): $25.00
A right-brain approach to science built on lyrics from Giants in the Tidepools. This book contains activities, graphics, background information on each ocean subject, questions, vocabulary, and plenty of smiles. A look at energy from the cave man to the nuclear age with visits to Ben Franklin and Tom Edison. Focuses on how and why we need to evolve from a society of waste to a society of energy consciousness where we use and conserve clean energy so the children of Earth will inherit hope for a healthier planet. A choral reading with a few musical solos.
American Patchwork CD Famous American Train Musical
Price: $15.00
Price (CD and Libretto): $25.00
Music from Ken's musical Famous American Train along with many new songs. Tracks include: Famous American Train * Rules * Building a Country * Paintings in the Sand * Settle Down * Wants and Needs * American Patchwork * Pollution Solution * If I Was a Tree * Find My Way * Changes A time traveling classroom leaves the future to visit the Native Americans, sails ahead through the years of exploration, colonizes Jamestown, does the Revolutionary Two-Step with Tom, Ben, Patrick, and George, pushes across the country with Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark, and discovers that everyone has the potential to become a famous American.

Free Promotional DVD

Promotional DVD

This DVD is an introduction to Ken Watson's work. It features scenes from school presentations, work on murals, and plenty of happy kids. If you have difficulty viewing the video on the website please call, write, or click on 'Add to Cart' and we will send you a free DVD.

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